62 6th Ave. South & Excelsior Blvd.
Hopkins, MN 55343
The Climate Chaser Mobile Phenology
We were thrilled to be asked to decorate The Climate Chaser Mobile Phenology Lab (or backyard phenology) as it is a topic we at Wrap City Graphics find both interesting and important. Phenology simply means the observation of the timing of natural events such as; plants flowering, birds migrating, or bugs appearing. Global warming has a big impact on when these events occur. The mobile unit is a listening booth of climate change stories and is for anyone who wants to record their own observations or listen to the stories and perceptions of others on this critical issue.
Participants have the opportunity to act as both scientists and observers in an established citizen scientist project. Contributions from artists and the community make this a brilliant public art project on climate change.  You may have already seen the little camper that Wrap City Graphics decorated at various Art Festivals and community events.  If you didn’t get a chance to see this installation up close, don’t worry as it will be at the upcoming Minnesota State Fair and at other events throughout the summer. 

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