62 6th Ave. South & Excelsior Blvd.
Hopkins, MN 55343

This summer Wrap City Graphics was contacted by The University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project Team to wrap their newest car, Eos II, the student group’s two-seat vehicle.  Given our commitment to sustainability and the environment, we jumped at the chance to help the super smart and creative team of next-generation green-thinking engineers. We wish the U of MN team the best of luck in the race, will follow them on social media, encourage you to do so as well, and look forward to seeing what they come up with next year: Freya I, a four-seater vehicle. Hopefully this is our future toward reducing carbon emissions from vehicles!

Click Here to Watch a Video we made of the EOS II installation from start to finish.
Click Here to Stay up-to-date with the U of M SVP (Solar Vehicle Project) as they regularly post updates of their adventures across the Australian outback.

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