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Hopkins, MN 55343

Di-Noc Transformation: Can you believe these are the same elevators?

We were commissioned to transform the interior of two elevators in a high-end Minneapolis office building. The work took place over several days and involved repairing damaged areas and filling the routed channels in the original wood paneling with Bondo.   Then the panels were carefully sanded to create a flush surface comparable to a level 5 paint finish. Finally we cleaned and prepped the panels’ faces and edges, then wrapped everything with the modern white film to complete the project.

Refacing with Di-Noc is a much faster and often a more economical solution than replacing wood panels. It can also give the look of exotic wood without the weight, environmental impact, and cost.  With the variety of DI-NOC patterns available there are numerous attractive design solutions for a multitude of surfaces, not just elevator panels. The film will conform to curved surfaces, making it ideal for changing the look of nearly any smooth façade such as doors, office furniture, baseboards, cash-wraps and cabinets.  So if you are an architect, designer, or general contractor needing to modernize a space please contact us about your project.

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