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We Did This Installation for the Birds!


Wrap City Graphics aspires to be environmentally conscious and responsible by minimizing our footprint and keeping our eyes toward conservation and preservation of the environment.  We were incredibly pleased to be awarded the contract to install Feather Friendly™ window markers on the exterior windows at the MN Valley Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center in Carver, Minnesota.

Our installers spent 3 days covering the glass with over 1,000 square feet of Feather Friendly™ markers.  It is not a film but instead a series of individually cut dots spaced a specific distance apart.  This breaks up the reflectivity of the glass, so the birds to see the glass as a barrier. The material has been endorsed by the American Bird Conservancy and several other conservation groups for its effectiveness in reducing or eliminating collisions.  We plan to work with the center’s staff to monitor crashes / fatalities going forward and document the reduction in strikes.

Bird strikes can be debilitating and are usually fatal for birds. Most bird strikes on buildings less than 3 stories high happen when birds look for refuge in the trees or bushes that are reflected in the glass.  We now see billions fewer birds than we did just 50 years ago. Urban development poses significant risks to birds, with approximately 1 billion birds dying in North America from window collisions each year.  With nearly two-thirds of North American birds at risk of extinction, now more than ever we have a responsibility to protect our feathered friends.

We hope that other businesses and organizations will be interested in applying this product to their windows.  It comes in a variety of patterns.  If you are interested in a quote or want more information, please contact us at:  Sales@WrapCityGraphics.com.

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